Helena Sanders
Back to the studio! Rebuilding a bit, optimizing the space, spring cleaning. Meanwhile, I continue to curate A/V Club nights so please check the A/V Club page for more information and schedule. Experimental video & music!
The November/December solo tour down the West Coast of the USA was an amazing one. Rogier Smal & myself (under the moniker Ti Femme) played 15 shows in that time and want to thank Lori Goldston, Dylan Carlson, and Dick's drive-in for making the northwestern part so unforgettable, and thanks to Anne LaBerge for the help and support in getting us over there in the first place.
Thanks again to the Office / Rachel Miles & Ivana Hilj
for hosting & commissioning my solo painting exhibition there this past October/November.
If you were not able to get a copy of the exhibition publication, I will be putting up a PDF of it available here on this site in the coming weeks.
I've taken the plunge and started a tumblr page for all things related to my art and projects, events and workshops. www.helenassanders.tumblr.com for the daily business!