Helena Sanders

VERSO // Sunday, February 1st
Volume 1, Number 6: "Bad Water"

"VERSO / renders the literary journal in live form. Our sixth number, “Bad Water", is edited by art editor Margarita Osipian."

Table of Contents
Editorial by Margarita Osipian
Art by Helena Sanders
The Semaphore Bookstore

More to be announced soon.

Each curated edition features one editor and one writer, and a selection of artists and thinkers in various forms: interviews, essays, slideshows, film, sound, and more.

VERSO / is a collaboration between Mezrab and the folks who bring you Versal, Amsterdam's international literary journal.

Entrance is free. Bar and bookstore are cash only.

For more information and links to the contributors, visit http://www.versaljournal.org/event-cal/2


Helena Sanders (b. 1983 Austin, Texas) is an artist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Interests include : Appalachian folklore / economic history of pigment production / haunted technology / turkey vultures / attempts to bring back the dead / collaborative performance

Also spends time curating an experimental music & video evening :
the A/V Club

Blog : www.helenassanders.tumblr.com
for the daily business, events, performances, updates