Helena Sanders (b. 1983) earned a Bachelors of Science in Visual Arts, specializing in Painting and in Fiber Arts, from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.
    She has exhibited her work in the USA and the Netherlands, as well as contributing artwork for the record covers of a wide variety of international musicians. Currently living in Amsterdam, Helena also curates the monthly experimental video and music evening A/V Club and tours and performs music under the name Ti Femme.


    group exhibition January 30 - February 21
    W139, Amsterdam
    I have the honor present this exhibition together with Margarita Osipian and a host of talent from around the globe and the Netherlands, and tireless support of the W139.
    Full program : www.w139.nl

    ...Check the blog for event updates and radio broadcasts happening in conjunction with this exhibition.

    Blue Devil, II now available as an A3 riso print poster, in an edition of 35
    Printed at the Stencil Zolder, Amsterdam
    For more information or purchase, please send a message through the Contact section of this website


    OCCII Artist Print Edition sale
    with Parking Lot magazine
    at Butcher's Tears, Amsterdam
    more info/ordering the Print Edition : OCCII Print Edition
    AUGUST 21
    Ti Femme performance with live visuals from Margarita Osipian
    Workcentre 232 in Amsterdam
    BAD WATER //
    A few more copies of the BAD WATER mix tape will be available for purchase at Versal's pop-up Semaphore Bookstore or direct from the artist.

    JULY 28, 2015//

    Full bellies fuel minds. I'll be BBQ'ing (BAD ACID MAMA) for this workshop run by the SideRoom on Sunday the 28th of July...

    How To Build A Wall?
    A workshop and absurd ritual for structural change
    "A wall can be defined as that which you do not get over. It is not over if you don't get over it."

    Women, bodies of colour, queer and other marginalized persons have abundant experience with all kinds of institutional walls: walls disguised as entrance doors, walls as the symbol of merely cosmetic or painfully slow changes, glass ceilings that prevent you from entering the upstairs floors, dead end accessibility ramps, etc.

    At the same time, we also know little about walls: we are invited to appear within the confinements of and fill the (institutional) walls, formats and structures but we rarely get to construct them. Maybe we lack the knowledge about the different steps and tools of how to build the walls that surround us, maybe not. HOW TO BUILD A WALL? will be a workshop / work-out sunday during which we will build from scratch, and demolish, a white, polished exhibition wall on the premises of Butcher's Tears.

    Workshop: Natalia Rebelo, Sachi Miyachi, Elke Baggen
    BBQ: Bad Acid Mama
    Music: DJ Workshop for Women DJs

    Thanks: Michelly, Ärkan, Mattias, Nadia, Arda, Material Utopias, Sandberg Institute.

    Ti Femme solo performances //
    O Tannenbaum, Berlin, May 27
    OCCII, Amsterdam, June 3
    APRIL 10 //
    SOFT IS performance at OCCII Amsterdam
    Soft Is is...Helena / Wurlitzer piano/electronics/vocals
    Arvind / guitar Thale / Guitar Rogier / drums
    MARCH 15 // Dj DoubleDecks
    Cassette tape DJ set / Helena Sanders aka DJ DoubleDecks
    Records / DJ DØG
    Butcher's Tears Proeflokaal
    MARCH 1st // A/V CLUB
    at OCCII, Amsterdam
    An evening of audio/visual performances, experimental sights and sounds, from Amsterdam, Baltimore, and Berlin
    VERSO, February 1st
    Volume 1, Number 6: "Bad Water"

    "VERSO / renders the literary journal in live form. Our sixth number, “Bad Water", is edited by art editor Margarita Osipian."

    Table of Contents
    Editorial by Margarita Osipian
    Art by Helena Sanders
    The Semaphore Bookstore

    Each curated edition features one editor and one writer, and a selection of artists and thinkers in various forms: interviews, essays, slideshows, film, sound, and more.

    VERSO / is a collaboration between Mezrab and the folks who bring you Versal, Amsterdam's international literary journal.
    Ti Femme solo performance
    Finissage of (h)ear Festival XL II - MULTIMEDIA SOUND ART EXHIBITION

    09/11 FINISSAGE
    * Performances by Ti Femme (USA/NL) | Hellvete (BE) | Janneke van der Putten (NL) & Christian Galarreta (CL)